District Institute of Education and Training,Pithoragarh

जिला शिक्षा एवं प्रशिक्षण संस्थान, (डीडीहाट ) पिथौरागढ़

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      Principal Message

It,of course; provides me immense pleasure to make DIET Informations accessible in the public domain to all stakeholders as regards to Teacher Education and the activities conduated to support it. The institution envisions to organise all SCERT sponsored Programmes and activities with the due acedamic and technical support of the faculties of the respective departments . The institution is committed to leave no stone unturned in fulfilling commitments to the utmost satifaction of the senior officials working at State as well as Centre goverment level .

   Our endeaveour will focus on the school level pedagogical issues that DIET could resolve through desertations, reserch and trainings giving due autonomy and uniform opporturities to all of the teachers and teachers educaters. Diet eventually aims at developing every child an independent learner so that he or she could become a self-reliant and self-identified citizen of the great nation....INDIA.

District Institute of Education and Training

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